Empyrion, an epic open world space sim on KickstarterIt seems that every day for the past week I have written something about a space simulator or space exploration game, though each has been unique in its own right. Does anyone know what’s up with the rush of space-related games? It’s puzzling but awesome. Space, space, space.

Empyrion is a space simulation that just launched on Kickstarter.  Empyrion is a vast, open world – galaxy that welcomes players to explore every corner and inhabit every planet they come across. But Empyrion will be anything but easy, requiring players to find a way to survive on planets with harsh climates and against hordes of hostile aliens, desperate to keep their land.

This game gives players a broad amount of freedom, first with their ship and its design, and then with exploration and abilities in space. Upon landing on planets, players can mine for resources and set up a base. With these resources, weaponry and equipment can be crafted.

Empyrion, an epic open world space sim on KickstarterSpace is a big realm of freedom for players in Empyrion and they can craft it as they wish.

But this game is far more than a simulation; there is a story to be told.

Empyrion takes place well, well into the future. Earth has been hit by some hard times during the 24th century and resources are low. After discovering an alien craft powered by an unknown technology, the people of Earth decided it was time for a resource voyage to space. Many years later, a massive fleet it sent out to mine planets for resources, but something goes horribly wrong, leaving the player as the only survivor. From that point on, players must obtain a ship, flee, and find a way to save planet Earth.

This is Empyrion

To learn more about Empyrion head over to our developer interview.

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Julie Morley