Innerspace is a fantasy flight exploration game now on Kickstarter.

Even if they don’t mean for it to be the case, many flight games are incredibly frustrating. At times its due to their rigid, obsessive adherence to reality. At other times its shoddy controls that are to blame. As such, flight has really lost its appeal to many gamers. InnerSpace hopes to resuscitate a taste for flying in games thanks to simple, accessible controls and an environment that begs to be explored.

All traversal in InnerSpace is handled by piloting a plane. As a cartographer, your goal is to discover fasicnating aspects of the landscape. Along with that, you can also bring back elements from the world to an archeologist. With his help you can upgrade your plane or simply learn more about the world’s history. After a while, you will even come across gigantic creatures. Should you immediately prep to fight them or seek out some other solution? Sometimes it seems that destruction may not be the solution.

Innerspace is a fantasy flight exploration game now on Kickstarter.

Flying itself has been made incredibly easy thanks to the fact that gravity doesn’t affect your plane. This basically means you can spin around, turn hurriedly, and basically do any maneuver without having to worry about suddenly plummeting from the air. Another cool feature is that the plane can fly in the air or through water without much issue. Finally, InnerSpace looks to have some gorgeously ephemeral graphics and a soundtrack to match.

PolyKnight Games have come to Kickstarter asking for $25,000. If you’d like, you can try out some of their older, free games via their website. InnerSpace is pegged for PC launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Track the progress of the InnerSpace Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

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