Obey is a new multiplayer game on Kickstarter that features cute bunnies and a giant robot. Hilarity ensues.Bunnies are adorable little creatures. Maybe its their utter cuteness that has stopped developers from making them protagonists in many video games. OBEY recognizes the inherent aww-factor of bunnies but places them in the fray anyway! In OBEY, an upcoming Windows, Mac, and Linux title, you and a group of local-connected or online friends all jump into a stage as a fluffy white bunny. From there everyone must vie for control of a giant robot which also happens to be on the field. Whoever gets the coveted position has all the power to make their bunny peers “obey,” at least until someone instigates a revolution.

Obey is a new multiplayer game on Kickstarter that features cute bunnies and a giant robot. Hilarity ensues.The idea may seem confusing at first because there are not many multiplayer games available like this. Sure, there are tons of FPSes, MOBAs, and MMOs, but what of this sort? Each player must strategically decide when and if they will obey their bunny-controlled robot master, or, discern how to best keep their subjects in line if they are in control. Just like in real life, when one person has all the power things can quickly shift the minute they let their guard down. The graphics in OBEY are colorful and simple enough to create a neat visual design.

If you don’t have at least a few friends to play with, OBEY might be a hard sell. This is a multiplayer-exclusive experience, and one that really picks up only once you have 4 or so players in a match. With that said, most reward tiers come with two copies of the game to help. OBEY needs $78,000 to succeed in this Kickstarter endeavor.

Track the progress of the OBEY Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

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