Tommy Tallarico Returns to Kickstarter with Video Games Live: Level 4

If you’ve never heard of Video Games Live before and consider yourself a gaming fan then you owe it to yourself to experience it at least once. Since the concert series launched years ago gamers of all ages have attended across the country. After taking in the debut show at the Hollywood Bowl, I’ve since attended three more concerts. Every time you go there are new arrangements, new games’ music debuting, and an exciting atmosphere. Video Games Live: Level 4 is the second attempt by Tommy Tallarico to bring new arrangements of orchestral video game tracks to people – even when they can’t attend Video Games Live in person.

Last year, he successfully funded Video Games Live: Level 3 when record companies were unwilling to produce the CD. Because of this past success it already seems that Level 4 will easily receive Kickstarter funding. What can people expect from the newest album? Well, it will feature a 72+ orchestra, professional grade studio recording, mixing, and mastering, and include never-before released musical arrangements. The original musicians will also provide feedback and input into tracks. If no stretch goals are met then Video Games Live: Level 4 will be 12-tracks long.

Tommy Tallarico Returns to Kickstarter with Video Games Live: Level 4

Games that you can expect to hear include the following: Donkey Kong Country, Earthworm Jim, Final Fantasy VI and even modern titles like the smash-hit League of Legends. One facet of the campaign that Tommy touts is a possible full length documentary about Video Games Live. Considering the high price ($750,000) of that in comparison to the main funding goal of $150,000 it might not be possible – but it would definitely be cool for mega fans of this concert series.

Track the progress of the Video Games Live: Level 4 Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

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