Evocality is a browser based animal RPG with a scientific twist thats now on KickstarterDo you remember playing Neopets? Heck, do you play pet browser games now such as Subeta? If you’ve ever played and enjoyed one then perhaps Evocality is the next evolution worth checking out. In this game, players work and discuss together in order to unravel secrets within the world. The plot continually grows thanks to a devoted community who will hopefully flock to this title.

One of the main features of Evocality is collecting canine specimens (dog, wolf, etc), breeding them, and discovering brand new animal types. As a scientist this gameplay element makes perfect sense. Breeding offspring is a rarity-based system which means you may end up with a super rare new animal afterwards, or a more standard one. Beyond this aspect, there will also be daily tasks, quests, and puzzles to keep players stopping by regularly. Although the storyline is based off staff member’s creations, it appears that users may even influence the story by creating their own. If approved, these new bits of lore will be integrated and the player will be compensated appropriately.


Evocality is a browser based animal RPG with a scientific twist thats now on KickstarterA feature that appeals to me in particular are the human avatars and their range of customization options. Players can select from many skin tones (not just slight shades of “white”) and can have a feminine, masculine, or androgynous base. Huge props to designer Michaela Thompson for using this terminology over the expected binary “male” and “female” options! Evocality is still a recent addition to Kickstarter but has already raised its goal of $5,000. If you’re intrigued, feel free to help push this title toward its various stretch goals. Just note that Evocality is a game for players aged 13 and older.

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