Mega Ran is a video game inspired rapper that's taken to Kickstarter to help fun the completion of a documentary.

If you’re a lover of video game music then chances are you’ve ventured into the world of music created by people who were inspired directly by video games. Chiptune creators, hip hop artists, and even classical musicians continue to share their talents with us all. Mega Ran is one such musician that’s been rapping on the scene for years now, gathering more fans each year. After coming to Kickstarter successfully in the past, he’s back with some new goals in mind.

Mega Ran and company have already produced a 40 minute documentary titled Mega Lo Mania. However, they recognized that when it comes to the film world they really didn’t know what they were getting into. For one, most film festivals and retailers require film submissions to be at least 60 minutes! Another hurdle is the price it costs to enter into festivals, or to get a movie licensed for streaming on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video. So that’s mainly what Mega Ran’s Kickstarter is about. They desperately desire to get Mega Lo Mania: The Director’s Cut finished by adding 20 minutes of footage in and then submitting it to various festivals and movie storefronts. If all goes well the hope is to get this documentary on Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and Redbox.

Mega Ran is a video game inspired rapper that's taken to Kickstarter to help fun the completion of a documentary.The other main goal is in regards to Mega Ran’s upcoming album which is currently titled “Wouldn’t Miss It For The World.” He is hoping to get a vinyl produced for it, which again requires money to be a possibility. Although the goal for this campaign is only $5,000, funds raised over that will go toward said production of vinyls.

Track the progress of Mega Ran’s Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

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