Outpost 13 is a horror adventure inspired by many movies, including The Thing, and it's on Kickstarter

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Under Development: Outpost 13 & The Thing

Read more of “Under Development” by Julie Morley in right here.

We’ve talked about Outpost 13 a number of time here at Cliqist.  The horror adventure takes the usual horror adventure formula and turns it upside down by putting players in control of the monster.  An adorable, but viciously deadly, dog with a horrible creature inside.  This should sound very familiar to anyone with even a passing familiarity with horror movies.  The Outpost 13 Kickstarter campaign has already doubled it’s original funding goal and still has five days left to go.  It’s getting to be Halloween, so why not take a look?  At the minimum I’d recommend putting the dog out for the next few days.

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