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Under Development: Nevermind The Twilight Zone

Read more of “Under Development” by Julie Morley in right here.

We’ve talked about Nevermind several times here on Cliqist, most recently we spoke with the VR horror games’ developer Erin Reynolds about her return to Kickstarter.  I mention the game again because there’s only a couple days left in it’s campaign and it’s still about $35,000 shy of its funding goal.  Should you back it?  That’s up to you, but here’s a snippet from Julie Morley’s first person preview to give you an idea of what to expect if the game is sucessfully funded.

All of the cabinetry and counter-tops seem eroded by years without care but something else about this room doesn’t make sense. Miscellaneous doors are wide open and hanging off the hinges. Massive pipes are extended from the walls and ceiling. The ambient music around me is starting to change its pace. I cannot shake the feeling that something is about to happen.

But I already had a jump scare, what could possibly happen here?

It begins with a small hissing sound that I cannot place the origin of. It builds, getting louder and moving closer. Water rushes out of the pipes with an exceptional force.

While the original Nevermind Kickstarter campaign only raised about $130k of its $250k funding goal, it got tons of attention.  This new campaign is even better, with a tigher focus and a comparatively modest $75k goal.  So why is it struggling?  I have no idea, it’s like it’s in The Twilight Zone or something.

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