Convoy is a Kickstarter game that's like a combination of Mad Max and FTL.The roguelike genre is pretty awesome and regularly being utilized by new games in creative ways. Convoy looks to take roguelike-likes (no, I’m still not sure what this really means, but let’s go with it) in another direction. In Convoy, you control a personal Main Convoy Vehicle (MCV) and a group of other vehicles. As you drive around through a post-apocalyptic landscape, enemies may drive up and attempt to take you down and steal your stuff. Or, you might encounter situations that are actually positive. It’s all up to chance in this desperate world.

Convoy plays from a top-down perspective and on a giant hex grid. Each pixelated vehicle offers colorful designs as opposed to the drab desert backgrounds. Players are encouraged to explore, battle, and gain experience. Throughout the travels there are many random events which can occur, some great and some awful. Often times you might be lured into battle which is both tactical and plays out in real time. It seems quite hectic with multiple convoy’s shooting at each other as they drive, but also pretty awesome! Once victorious, you can regularly collect loot and increase the stats of your crew. The better prepared you are the less likely you’ll die.

Convoy is a Kickstarter game that's like a combination of Mad Max and FTL.As per roguelike conventions, once you die the game starts over. Of course, with the promise of tons of events, each gameplay experience should be distinct. Although they already have a great deal of variety, a succesful Kickstarter would push the team to add even more. Convoy Games requires €10,000 (about $12,500) to have a successful Kickstarter. Convoy was already accepted onto Steam and will be available on Windows and Mac.

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Convoy is a Kickstarter game that's like a combination of Mad Max and FTL.

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