When You're Gone is a platformer on Kickstarter that focuses on themes of loss, sadness, and more loss.

As we go through life, many of us experience romantic relationships with other people. No matter if they are straight, gay, or anything else, the emotional underpinnings of said relationships ring true for almost everyone. It feels incredible to fall in love and can be incredibly distressing to have such a relationship come to an end. When You’re Gone is a title which hopes to resonate with players emotions’ as they play through a storyline about a romantic relationship between two people. Instead of most games that show only the beginning of love, this shows the beginning, middle, and end.

When You’re Gone is about Sam and Emma, two people who form a relationship, live that way for a while, and then finally break up. Told from Sam’s perspective, it is meant to be much more than just a “love story,” though. The worlds will be designed based off emotions rather than reality, offering an unusual glimpse into the state of mind of someone during high and low points of their relationship. So far, the concept art looks super stylized and unlike that out of any other title. This cool art will be present during comic book-style scenes between gameplay.

When You're Gone is a platformer on Kickstarter that focuses on themes of loss, sadness, and more loss.Gameplay itself is parkour-inspired, which again, is an interesting choice. With only a little bit of gameplay shown thus far though we’ll have to guess as to what form this takes in the finished version of When You’re Gone. Developer Winteractive is asking for kr180,000 SEK (about $24,000) to Kickstart their PC game for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can track the progress of the When You’re Gone Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

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