Every week we take a brief look at all of the Kickstarter campaigns that launched in the previous week.  This isn’t to say that all of these projects are worth your hard earned cash, but with any luck having all of them in one place will make it easier to educate yourself on the projects you’d like to back, and which ones to run from.  You’ll find two types of campaigns listed, “featured” and “the rest“.  Featured campaigns are those that contain a significant amount of game information, are from known developers, or are significant in some other way.  The rest of the games are usually smaller campaigns that are lacking in information, are from unknowns, have unanswered questions, or have not yet stood out for one reason or another.


Featured Campaigns :

Dust.Evolution is a alternate-history Real-Time Combat Strategy game where WWII rages on and its funding on KickstarterGame : Dust.Evolution

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Paolo Parente’s Dust is a cross-media world that you may have experienced before. There are both comic books and a board game already out in the world. However, until now there’s never been a RTS rendition. Dust.Evolution hopes to cross that barrier and bring the world of Dust into the hands of video game fans. The Kickstarter goal of $650,000 might seem pricey, but there are already a great many fans of this brand so perhaps that’s the perfect choice.”

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Guild of Hunters is a Zelda and Monster Hunter inspired hack and slash video game on Kickstarter from Circle Automation LimitedGame : Guild of Hunters

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Guild of Hunters calls itself a mix between The Legend of Zelda and Monster Hunter. This may be the most apt comparison possible because once you take a look at the game you’ll realize that’s exactly the case. The upcoming action RPG by Circle Automation has top down, action-focused gameplay that you expect from a classic NES Zelda. However, it also features many of the modern Monster Hunter features, such as massive boss encounters, preference for team-based play, and a crafting system.”

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Late to the Party is a new espionage RPG adventure game from Pyrodactyl Games, developers of Unrest. It's on Kickstarter.Game : Late To The Party

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Unrest was one of the most pleasantly surprising Kickstarter games I’ve played so far. As such, Pyrodactyl Games is definitely a developer I’ve got my eye on these days. Their newest project just landed on Kickstarter today and it’s called Late To The Party. This time around players must explore the Baltics as a KGB spy. However, as with their last game, nothing is ever that straightforward. Do you play it straight and become a top KGB agent or would you rather side with the revolutionaries? What you do determines the results and both choices are dangerous.”

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Gliese is an action platformer on Kickstarter that's inspired by Half-Life, Portal, and Borderlands.Game : GLIESE

What it is : Julie wrote: “Gliese is a sidescrolling adventure game that takes place in 2081. The protagonist is a theoretical physicist and one of the few members of the first interstellar colonization of an inhabitable planet 20 light-years away, Gliese. Unfortunately, something inevitably goes away. Players begin their journey on Gliese awakening from cryo-stasis but there’s a catch: the player suffers from amnesia and has no recollection of anything.”

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Words are Power is a new Kickstarter video game mixing elements of word games, adventure games, and 1940's era sexism.Game : Words Are Power

What it is : Marcus wrote: “The 1940s were a very different time in America than what we’re used to today. Back then, there were many expectations and stereotypes about women which kept them out of many lines of work. Words are Power brings gamers into the U.S. during 1946. Our protagonist, a reporter, has just returned from her duties as a war correspondent. However, when she spies something nefarious going on in Washington D.C. it becomes a struggle to put this information to print. Her issues are no longer the coverage itself, but the men along the way who inhibit her ability to do the job.”

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Override is a physics based massive robot mech sim that takes place in a destructible sandbox world.Game : OVERRIDE

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Sometimes, there are games in our lives that we didn’t realize we wanted until being presented with them. Override could just be one of those for me in particular. This mech game allows you to pilot a gigantic robot named Watchbot as it protects (or destroys) the city. However, what makes this title unique is that you can either control every limb of the robot yourself or pair up with three other players so each of them can take partial control. It sounds difficult, and probably is, but that’s what is so exciting. If you’re one of the few who ever played Robot Alchemic Drive then this should be doubly awesome since it seems like a modernized version of that title’s difficult control scheme.”

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Momentum is a 3D puzzle platformer video game that now on Kickstarter.Game : Momentum

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Momentum has a lovely look about it that feels somewhat futuristic. Of course, you may not get much time to look at the cityscape vistas when your attention is fully devoted to maneuvering a ball about. Each stage is 3D and requires manipulation in all angles (such as flipping the stage entirely upside down) to complete. As is common for these games, each ball has a weight to it that you must become accustomed to. With precise play, or just really lucky aggressive play, you’ll be able to navigate levels from start to finish. There are 100 levels planned as well as multiple ball types. One amusing sphere skin includes a hamster wheel complete with cute running hamster.”

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Catch Monsters is an adult re-imagining of Pokémon that's now on Kickstarter.Game : Catch Monsters

What it isMarcus wrote: “Given the inspiration, it makes sense that Catch Monsters is an open-world RPG. Battles are executed using cards. Cards are effectively the attacks that your monster will use. You’ll be able to customize better decks as you go to fight off tougher enemies. Unlike Pokemon which went a little off the deep end as far as monster “types” are concerned, this game offers three major categories: Elemental, Feral, Mystic. Each have their own specialties as well as defining characteristics. Exploration of the 2D world is designed to be quite vast. Alongside the main storyline you’ll also be able to pursue side missions that you come across. Said side arcs tie into the world’s three factions.”

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The Rest of the Campaigns :

The Order : An RPGMaker game set in a medieval fantasy world.

Rugby Union : A “realistic” rugby game with a 5 sentence Kickstarter campaign and no funding video.

Broken Sands : A neontastic bullet-hell platformer.

Chiaroscuro : An RPGMaker title with a variety of crazy characters.

Project Nebula : A 3D world sim that looks interesting, but that’s also trying to do everything under the sun.

Flat Kingdom : A side scrolling platformer with some great looking art.

Bridgii.BOT : Is that EVE?

Tantra Rumble : A very ambitious TCG game that has some potential.

Mages of the Endless World : A 4 player platformer in need of some more time in the oven.

Spot the Kitty : A “find the cat” casual game.

Last Year : An interesting concept of a game that several sites have been reporting on breathlessly, unfortunately there’s no game.

Super Jet World : A Flappy Bird / Jetpack Joyride style game, but with a jet.

They Came From The Ground : An endless wave shooter that was honored as a Kickstarter Staff pick.

Aranyus : A giant open world RPG that seems interesting; unfortunately backers have learned to be skeptical of them.

WheelsFighter : A top-down combat racer straight out of the 80’s.

Blackwake : A multiplayer naval combat game with ‘realistic’ and arcade style modes.

Organ Biker : An 80’s style race that brings back memories of Spy Hunter, but with organ delivery.

Virtual Reality Fantasy RPG : This weeks winner for the least amount of effort put into a campaign.

Unknown Island Of The Lost Child : The “best 3D game created so far…”

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter 2015 : We’ve discussed this before.  Interestingly enough the project is still live.  $1,499,999 shy of its $1.5mil goal.

NumberShire : An educational game that aims to teach kids in ages K-2.

When Dark Gets Bright : An interesting horror game that just needs a bit more polishing before coming back to Kickstarter.

Dream Of Mirror Revival : They’ve already crushed their $310 funding goal, so they’re doing something right.

Luna League Soccer : An insane sounding arcade style soccer game that could turn into something very cool.

Rising End :  There could be something to this hack n’ slash, might be one to keep an eye on even after the Kickstarter ends.

DodgeBall Blitz : A very rough and early concept of a dodge ball game.


That’s it for last weeks Kickstarter campaigns.  Watch your wallets!

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