NoseBound is an episodic adventure game. A detective story in the vein of film noir and paranormal mysteries and it's on IndieGogoEpisodic adventure NoseBound is a point and click adventure with a nostalgic noire theme. Argentinean studio, Quarantine Interactive, brings us into the tale of an old and wise detective, Ray Hammond, caught in the same old mysterious case except this time he may be up against a force stronger and more dangerous than he could ever imagine. With a combination of wit and ammunition, players solve puzzles, fight villainous thugs, and figure out just what’s causing some horrific (and mysterious) murders.

NoseBound’s gameplay will alternate between third and first person, seeming to follow the mold of classic point and click adventures but there is a slight twist. Aside from the puzzle solving aspect of NoseBound’s gameplay, at the conclusion of each episode, players will be thrown into a situation involving shoot outs.

NoseBound is an episodic adventure game. A detective story in the vein of film noir and paranormal mysteries and it's on IndieGogoQuarantine Interactive has worked on NoseBound for three years and in fact has already completed about 85% of it. At the moment, a demo is completed. Quarantine Interactive is capable of finishing the first two NoseBound episodes on their own but it would take a while so to speed up the process, they have turned to IndieGogo to raise some funds – $30,000 in fact. With this money, the studio will be able to afford the rest of the English and Spanish voiceovers and translate to four other languages in subtitles; the remaining musical and artistic touches as well.

NoseBound has been Greenlit on Steam and the first episode is planned for release on Windows and Mac. The second episode will expand to Linux, and Android and iPad tablets. If the funding exceeds the goal, Nosebound will expand to a 3rd, 4th, and 5th episode. The IndieGogo campaign will conclude on January 4th, 2015.

Julie Morley
Julie Morley is a freelance writer and comic artist from Spring, Texas. She attended the Academy of Art University for two years, studying Animation and Illustration. Whilst here, she learned about writing comic scripts, storyboards, and general storytelling. Since leaving college, she has been working on personal comic projects, stories, and illustrations. She aspires to release a self published comic within two years. For the majority of her life, she has been playing console games, typically being third-person shooters and sandboxes. Her favorite game of existence is Dark Cloud II (Dark Chronicle) and her favorite Indie game is Gone Home.
Julie Morley