A curious sea star spent many evenings staring up at the sky, awestruck by the beautiful lights painting the sky above her. Melissa decides her fate, she wants to be among that stars in the sky and when she catches word for a Space Shuttle near the lighthouse, she determines just how to get to space once and for all.

Super Sea Star is Gliaas Games’ current project and it’s been in development for about a year now. Super Sea Star is a top down action arcade game where players take on the role of an ambitious starfish fending her way through the sea, and then land, to get to the Space Shuttle. En route to the shuttle she engages is multiple battles with various predators such as lobsters or sea urchins and the ways to defeat them keep expanding and expanding until Melissa is defending herself with a machine gun or a bazooka.

In this adorable vector styled game, there are four chapters and 61 chapters to play through, each including two terrifying bosses and 21 enemy types. Additionally, players can switch between three playable characters; with a fourth in the works.

Super Sea Star is an arcade adventure now on Kickstarter

Gliaas Games plans to release Super Sea Star on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Now, to cover mainly art improvement, trailer production, and various marketing, software, and Steam fees, Gliaas has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Super Sea Star, hoping to raise $3,000 by December 8th. At the moment, three of the four chapters have been completed and a demo is available via link on the Kickstarter page.

Super Sea Star is planned for release in December of this year.

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