Rocket Ranger Reloaded is the rebirth of Cinemaware's classic action adventure Rocket Ranger, and it's on Kickstarter.Cinemaware was once a producer of many great PC games. The team has jumped to Kickstarter to revisit those glorious days. They were able to fund Wings! Remastered Edition a year ago and create a pretty darn fun final product (check out our review!). Of course, with that success fans began clamoring for more revisits to their classic library of titles. Next on the list is Rocket Ranger which is now on Kickstarter as Rocket Ranger Reloaded. More than just a remake, this will be an exciting, modernized version of the original.

Rocket Ranger Reloaded takes a smidgen of history and mashes it with some alternate history and sci-fi trappings. It begins with the knowledge that Nazis won World War II and have now taken over the world. Scientists of this future world banded together in order to change the past. To do so they offered up their technology to the past in order to rewrite history. As such, you must save the world from the Nazis winning a second time.

Rocket Ranger Reloaded is the rebirth of Cinemaware's classic action adventure Rocket Ranger, and it's on Kickstarter.Unlike Wings! Remastered Edition, this is more than just a shiny coat of paint on a retro product. Cinemaware plans to bring on loads of new content such as additional abilities and weapons, more locations, and new action sequences to play through. Of course, the game is also getting thoroughly modern 3D graphics as well and an orchestral soundtrack. The goal of the Rocket Ranger Reloaded Kickstarter is set at $89,999 for a Windows PC release. If Greenlit, they’ll also be sure to bring it to Steam as well.

Track the progress of the Rocket Ranger Reloaded Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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