Ashen Rift is a first person shooter in an apocalyptic world that features a man and his loyal dog companion.Earlier this year a moody new shooter named Ashen Rift took to Kickstarter, one we covered a number of times. Despite a strong pitch, it was unable to reach its $45,000 funding goal. As with many campaigns, this did not mark the end of the developer’s dream to make their FPS. Ashen Rift has now returned to Kickstarter and brings with it a higher asking price than before at $85,000 CAD (about $75,000) – a unusual choice in the campaign relaunch space. In any case, it does appear that they’ve refined their pitch and are showing an upgraded version of their game as well.

Ashen Rift tells the tale of a bearded man and his dog companion named Bounder. The two are travelling in the American mid-west post a world-changing event ten years ago. Back then a portal opened up on Earth which allowed murderous beings to enter our world and kill everyone they discover. A few humans are still left scattered about, but most have given up hope. Our protagonist still has a spark of hope inside him which is what causes them to seek the rift in person. By finding it, perhaps there is also a way to close finally close the thing and save what’s left of humanity.

Ashen Rift is a first person shooter in an apocalyptic world that features a man and his loyal dog companion.Interestingly Ashen Rift was not already on Steam Grenelight from its previous campaign. Of course, Pyroclastic Games have rectified this issue by launching a page in conjunction. Here’s the link if you’d like send an upvote their way. Ashen Rift is currently announced for PC (no specific OSes have been named) and PSN. Does PSN mean PS4, PS3, and PS Vita or a mix of the systems? Again, the answer isn’t clear just yet.

Track the progress of the Ashen Rift Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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