Prismata is a sci-fi strategy card game on Kickstarter from Lunarch Studios.As a fan of card games, I’m always excited to see something new in that genre crop up. Upon reviewing the Prismata pitch it was hard not to get excited thanks to a video which featured multiple people espousing the game’s awesome addictive qualities. Of course, after a few seconds, it was time to settle back down and uncover exactly what about this game might make it special. Having not played it yet myself I still don’t know if it’s as incredible as the pitch suggests, but there are definitely some intriguing aspects about it.

Prismata is a lot like a card game mixed with a real time strategy game – or even board game. Now, the game actually plays out in turn-based fashion but there’s a timer on each player (meaning they can’t hum and haw over a move all day). Perhaps the most immediately unique feature though is the fact that there are no predefined decks. At the beginning of every game a pool of units is randomly selected. From there, you use them throughout that game. Beyond this initial burst of randomness there’s nothing else left to chance, meaning its up to you to flex those strategic muscles toward victory.

Prismata is a sci-fi strategy card game on Kickstarter from Lunarch Studios.Despite just now landing on Kickstarter, Prismata has a ton of features already included such as easy streaming functionality, tournament play/set up, friends list, and analysis or observer mode. Lunarch Studios are asking for $140,000 CAD (about $124,600) to successfully fund Prismata on Windows, Mac, and Linux. When it launches it will be free to play but cites DOTA 2, Path of Exile, and Team Fortress 2 as games it will mirror free to play strategies from.

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