Kriophobia is a Resident Evil style survival horror game on Kickstarter.

Fans of survival horror have had to endure a lot of excitement and heartbreak over the years. For a long time, it felt that the genre was turning to action horror. To many this sullied the “feel” of actually frightening games. Many developers have since reclaimed the ability to scare players and many more hope their new projects do as well. One such upcoming title is Kriophobia by Fira Soft.

Kriophobia follows the story of protagonist Anna. She and her geologist crew were sent to Zhokhov Island in order to fix and monitor sesimic activity there. It wasn’t meant to be a long trip… Of course, things go completely wrong and they get trapped in a military complex. Anna must explore in the dark and cold to hopefully find a way out for her teammates. Gameplay follows the point and click adventure style meaning there will be many puzzles to solve along the way.

Kriophobia is a Resident Evil style survival horror game on Kickstarter.The visuals in Kriophobia help distinguish it from other horror titles. The world is done in 3D models but then overlaid with very graphic novel-styled textures. Thanks to this the world looks unique and foreboding without needing to offer super realistic graphics. Each character is also given the proper comic book visual appearance.

How much does this game need to see success on Kickstarter? The goal has been set at $50,000 CAD (about $44,000). A demo will also be available on December 6th for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In the meantime you can check out the Steam Greenlight page for Kriophobia here.

Track the progress of the Kriophobia Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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