But I Love You is a visual novel dating sim thats crowdfunding on Kickstarter that has a somewhat scary take on the genre.As a visual novel fan it’s always exciting to see more people bring projects of the genre to Kickstarter. Of course, it’s very easy to simply fall in line with what everyone else is doing. Developer Gorshatastic! has presented something pretty unique on the crowdfunding site and it’s called But I Love You. In this game, you play as a character who becomes stranded after their car breaks down. Luckily, you’re quickly helped by some incredibly friendly locals. These girls all seem completely willing to aid a poor stranger in need.

Of course, things are not as cheery as they first look. The longer you stay, the more this cast of characters seems intent on having you stay there. The turn from typical dating sim fun to something more sinister is very interesting and not nearly as common as you might expect. But I Love You still offers many of the expected visual novel conventions, of course. There will be a host of endings (some of which result in relationships with the different characters) although that seems like the exact opposite of what players should strive for!

But I Love You is a visual novel dating sim thats crowdfunding on Kickstarter that has a somewhat scary take on the genre.Aspects such as voice acting are not part of the base funding campaign despite the trailer using voice over. Full voice acting is relegated to a hefty stretch goal. With that said, But I Love You is definitely doing well. The goal of $8,000 is nearly half funded and there’s still over a month left to go. If you’d like to help this unique visual novel out consider voting for their Steam Greenlight campaign.

Track the progress of the But I Love You Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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