Without Within is a new visual novel from InvertMouse, someone with a strong track record of Kickstarter campaigns.

The vast majority of people who come to Kickstarter or IndieGogo are seeking start-up funds for their project. However, every so often we see someone who already has a product and requires funds for other aspects. In the case of InvertMouse, they’ve already produced a game called Without Within. They are simply on Kickstarter now as a means to give fans a chance to pledge toward a handful of rewards. It might be a different method of funding, but fans of this developer’s work should be pleased by this campaign!

Without Within is InvertMouse’s newest visual novel – and you can play it for free on Windows, Mac, or Linux . Yup, you don’t have to pledge at all but simply visit the website. However, if you do pledge just a few bucks you’ll gain access to the “Extra Edition.” What does this include? You’ll get the game soundtrack, digital artbook, and printable hand drawn cards. Those willing to pledge a bit more will find even more games added to their rewards (Unhack: Destruction and Bermuda). If either of those names sound familiar it’s because they were previously successful Kickstarter campaigns themselves!

Without Within is a new visual novel from InvertMouse, someone with a strong track record of Kickstarter campaigns.The Kickstarter campaign for Without Within only has a goal of $100 because it is seemingly made to appease fans more than attract tons of attention. Of course, with such a tiny goal it has already been funded to completion. It sounds like InvertMouse will have another big project in 2015, so if you enjoyed any of these previous games then be prepared!

Track the progress of the Without Within Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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