For a while, MMOs were the hottest thing out there. Every company wanted to create their own and reap the benefits of monthly subscription fees or in-game purchases. That bubble quickly exploded and now there are less than a dozen which see continuous success today. The trend now is to see indie teams attempting to create their own. One such incredible proposition is Identity by Asylum Entertainment which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Identity is a new MMO that lets you do almost anything, and it's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.Identity perfectly embodies its name. It wants to be a game where the player can live out their digital life exactly as they see fit. From the clothes they wear to the actions they participate in it seems that everyone is under their control. Some examples in the funding video involved someone entering a suit store, being in prison, taking on the role of a cop, or hunting in the woods. Other options described included things like becoming a business owner, sailing a boat, and lots of other features. It sounds outrageously cool. In many ways, it cribs off the modern Grand Theft Auto style, but from a purely MMO perspective since “everyone” in game is a real player.

Identity is a new MMO that lets you do almost anything, and it's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.In another regard it seems a lot like Second Life, but with better graphics. What made that game such a success though was the freedom granted to players to create exactly what they wanted. Can one studio create “everything” you’d ever want to do, wear, and see by themselves – and with only $150,000 CAD (about $127,000)? Unfortunately, this sounds extremely challenging unless they do secure external funding post-campaign and invite enough users who will generate cool new content. Identity will be free-to-play and not follow the “pay-to-win” template.

Track the progress of the Identity Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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