Black Shell Games is one developer quickly making a name for themselves. With the release of SanctuaryRPG, and more recently the Black Edition on Steam, roguelike fans have quickly taken notice. Their latest game is called Overture and sticks within the roguelike genre but is most certainly a different sort of game. In this one you select from one of 24 classes and jump into the fray against intelligent enemies and gigantic bosses.

Overture is a new roguelike crowdfunding on Kickstarter that features much more depth than other games in its class.Overture features a top down perspective and nice, chunky pixel art. Each player class offers its own benefits and at least one should fit your playstyle. Enemies also come in different varieties, such as ranged or melee monsters. As for levels themselves, they alternate between procedurally generated and specifically-designed ones to keep things fresh. Along your journeys there will also be a ton of loot, of course.

If you’re excited, well, you can actually already purchase a copy of Overture via right now for $4.99. Then what exactly is this Kickstarter campaign for? Funding will allow for Mac, Linux, and Android ports. Beyond that it will facilitate purchase of software licenses, performance optimization, and bug testing among other things. All of this requires some new staff members as one person alone wouldn’t be able to handle all this in a short timespan at all.

Overture is a new roguelike crowdfunding on Kickstarter that features much more depth than other games in its class.The campaign is asking for $3,000 in all and currently looks on track to make that amount. If you’re a fan of SanctuaryRPG then hopefully you’ve already backed. Interested parties who don’t back their Kickstarter can still provide a much-needed upvote to the Steam Greenlight page.

Track the progress of the Overture Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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