The world of board game campaigns on Kickstarter is massive, with tons of companies doing well across dozens of campaigns. Monolith Board Games LLC is the newest name to the board game crowdfunding game but that doesn’t appear to have dampened backer spirits in the least. Their Kickstarter for Conan has seen tremendous success in its very first day. Normally, it takes days to surpass an $80,000 goal – not minutes!

Conan is a new Kickstarter funded board game from Monolith Board GamesConan, as the name implies, brings the hero Conan to life in a board game for up to five players. One assumes the role of the overlord, who has control of evil hordes and minions. One to four other players become Conan and his team of adventurers to play through the map and hopefully defeat whatever the overlord puts in their path. The game box itself comes with 74 unpainted miniatures, 9 engraved die, 55 spell and equipment cards, 80+ tokens, a rule book, 2 double sided game boards and a handful of other goodies. Those looking to nab Conan can do so via a $90 pledge.

Conan is a new Kickstarter funded board game from Monolith Board GamesPlayers willing to spend $135 instead get upgraded to the Kickstarter-exclusive deluxe box which includes a lot more. Both pledge tiers do include additional contents that will be added as a result of stretch goals. As of right now all stretch goals have been met but chances are some more will be added on to help keep Conan’s campaign trucking along. Backers should expect to get exclusive dice, a new hero character, and multiple additional miniatures.

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Marcus Estrada


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