Gamelyn Games are no stranger to crowdfunding. Over the past few years they have produced a variety of successful campaigns, with their latest being for Tiny Epic Galaxies. Board game fans should recognize this game as the third in the “Tiny Epic” series which includes Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Tiny Epic Defenders, which were both previous Kickstarter projects. Tiny Epic Galaxies places each player in control of their own galaxy and allows 2 to 4 players to vie for galactic dominance.

Tiny Epic Galaxies is a new board game on Kickstarter that's out of this world.Each game lasts around 30 minutes and is both luck-based and skill-based. This is accomplished thanks to a dice roll system which allows for re-rolls. With these dice rolls you are then free to choose what to utilize them for so you can bring some strategy into the mix. If you’d like to look over the rules or even play the game right now you can totally do that too! There is a free print and play version available right on the Kickstarter page (link to files and prototype rule book). This allows anyone to try out Tiny Epic Galaxies right now and then hurry back to pledge for the campaign.

Tiny Epic Galaxies is a new board game on Kickstarter that's out of this world.Why pledge if you can get it effectively for free? Well, Gamelyn Games seem pretty good at pricing their products. During the Kickstarter campaign you can nab a copy of Tiny Epic Galaxies at the $16 tier, a good deal cheaper than most of their card and board game contemporaries. At only a few days into the campaign it has already blasted through dozens of stretch goals so check back in on the Kickstarter every so often to see what’s new.

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