Twine is a great, free interactive fiction engine which is allowing many people to create stories easily. Developer Bravemule is one such team who utilized Twine to create Beneath Floes. This story is focused around Inuit history and traditions. Unlike some Twine tales, this one also includes color imagery alongside text. If you’re at all interested in what this game has to offer then you can check it out right now because Beneath Floes is free! With that in mind you might now be wondering why a Kickstarter campaign exists for this game.

Beneath Floes is an interactive fiction game on Kickstarter that tells the story of the Nunavut people.Well, it’s not a typical campaign to fund the creation of a title. Instead, Kevin Snow has launched this Kickstarter in order to facilitate a Inuktitut translation so that the Nunavut people will be able to play Beneath Floes. Considering its inspirations this sounds like a good investment. Of course, both the English and Inuktitut versions are going to remain as free web-based games. The localization is to be done by Pinnguaq. These fine folks have previously translated indie titles such as Osmos and Ittle Dew.

Beneath Floes is an interactive fiction game on Kickstarter that tells the story of the Nunavut people.Despite the fact that Beneath Floes is a piece of interactive fiction (and therefore is primarily word-focused) the relatively short script ensures this project shouldn’t be tough for Pinnguag to handle. At the time of this writing the goal of $600 has already been met, ensuring the game will get the localization Bravemule desires. This is great news and in the future hopefully more developers are inspired to crowdfund localizations via Kickstarter.

Track the progress of the Beneath Floes Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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