2012 was a heck of a time for Kickstarter as tons of developers began pitching new versions of classic games. Developer Harebrained Schemes was among them with a campaign for Shadowrun Returns. It ended up being plenty successful with nearly $2 million funded by the end and produced a new much-loved Shadowrun title. After having crowdfunding work for them they’re back on Kickstarter with Shadowrun: Hong Kong. This time things are a bit different.

The Shadowrun Universe is back, and this time it's heading to Hong Kong.You see, Harebrained Schemes has already put months of work into the game and intends to finish it. So why bring this to Kickstarter? Simple – they want to fund extra aspects and features to make the game truly stand out. So in a sense they’re funding for “stretch goals” exclusively. Whatever the logic behind the campaign fans are definitely into it. At the time of this writing the campaign is still incredibly fresh and has already met its $100,000 base goal. People love Shadowrun, obviously!

The Shadowrun Universe is back, and this time it's heading to Hong Kong.So what does Shadowrun: Hong Kong do differently aside from the new locale? Players must not only be skilled tacticians in the art of battle and magic but also consider the sociopolitical ramification of choices – and “save face” to gain clout. Of course, you’ve also got a new team in tow each with their own unique skillset. The game is being designed for Windows, Mac, and Linux exclusively meaning no tablet ports are planned. Stretch goals add aspects such as animatics, additional teammate, and a new side mission. Of course if Shadowrun: Hong Kong continues to do amazingly well (and it will) we can expect to see more stretch goals added shortly.

Track the progress of the Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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