Here’s something that we don’t actually see funded a whole lot via Kickstarter – First person shooters. For whatever reason this incredibly popular genre hasn’t yet taken hold on crowdfunding sites. Perhaps STRAFE will be the one to usher them into the fold. This FPS isn’t attempting to compete with Call of Duty but instead is looking to transport players back to the 90s. Featuring pixelated 3D levels, low poly enemies, lots of hallways, and secret areas it looks like it would fit right in with the gaming landscape of 1996. Oh, and there’s also that trailer which is certainly something.

Strafe is a first person shooter ( FPS ) thats crowdfunding on Kickstarter

STRAFE has a storyline and all that but no one really cares about that stuff in a shooter. All anyone needs to know is that this game looks fast, brutal, and perfect for anyone who misses DOOM or QUAKE (which, interestingly enough, were also stylized in all capital letters!). So what amplifies this against actual retro PC titles? For one, every level is procedurally generated leading to many unique experiences. Second, the exploded body parts and associated blood are persistent. It’s gross but will also serve as a marker for where you’ve already explored. The biggest addition is Oculus Rift compatibility. If you are extreme enough then the entire game can be played via VR – but it’s not a requirement.

Strafe is a first person shooter ( FPS ) thats crowdfunding on Kickstarter

STRAFE is no doubt cool but is it $185,096 worth of cool? If you believe so then jump on board with a pledge. Note that the lowest tier to include a digital game download is $25. Although they are currently lacking a Steam Greenlight page there’s no doubt in my mind it will be Greenlit in no time at all once that goes live.

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