Beast’s Fury is one of the few crowdfunding campaigns out there which has experienced both Indiegogo and Kickstarter. In 2013 they ran a successful campaign for $20,000 via Indiegogo but, as with many projects, underestimated their costs and found that even this “extra” money wasn’t enough. As such, the Keep Beast’s Fury Going Kickstarter launched in 2014 and just marginally reached its $45,000 AUD (about $36,800) goal. Since then, the development team has returned to work on the game and provided a sizeable chunk of updates. Please note that they’ve effectively ceased updating the Indiegogo page though and now focus purely on the Kickstarter posts section.


Recently the 2.0 update for Beast’s Fury went live. Despite the number, this is still one of their many pre-release updates. There were many fixes introduced with this update including: no more grab cancelling, fixed hitboxes for Vincent, juggling improvements, tweaking to Don’s moves, and a variety of other changes. Of course, not everything has been resolved and a few new issues have jumped in as a result of all this. The biggest example is particle effects on a stage now inducing lag. Some other oddness has been introduced but I’ll leave those aspects for the update video to showcase.

So far the progress made on Beast’s Fury looks good even though there are still only two playable characters to select. Of course, once the biggest hurdles are crossed it should be easier to input more without fear of tons more bugs cropping up. If you’d like to try the pre-alpha demo for yourself here’s a link. Finally, here’s all 2.0’s updates summarized in an official developer video.

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