It’s no secret that I was not particularly enthused by Project Scissors: NightCry debut on Kickstarter. There were a multitude of reasons why the campaign seemed lackluster in my opinion, but it basically boiled down to this: It didn’t look like a game made by such an incredible team of talented people. With that said, my view is not one that is completely unchanging. This week the Project Scissors: NightCry team shared the first gameplay trailer (which also appears to be running on a more recent PC build).

Although still imperfect and very obviously in an alpha state, this is newsworthy because the simple gameplay video alone shows itself off better than the original funding video. We actually get to see the point and click interaction in real time, but more importantly, there are sequences framed with excellent creepy camera angles. A taste of the music also proves positively disturbing. The cruise liner now appears shadowy and filled with disturbed visitors – though it’s too bad the writing feels stilted. Some bits still feel really ham-fisted, such as our protagonist standing to scream and clutch her hands together at the sudden arrival of the Scissorwalker, but overall it leaves a better impression.

Project Scissors: NightCry is a horror game that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.


The question now is if a neat little trailer for Project Scissors: NightCry will be enough. Initial trends showed an incredible influx of backers. I, along with others, foresaw no issues with funding. Now, a little over a week in, the story seems different as it appears horror fans continue to discover the page but aren’t pledging at a pace required to hit $300,000. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this campaign as it progresses.

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