If there’s one thing that we at Cliqist never wished to have to see again it would be campaigns running which obviously have no concept of patents, trademarks, or any of that “pesky” legal ownership stuff. Sure, they provide a good laugh, but they certainly don’t serve the crowdfunding community in any positive way. The latest obvious infraction comes to us via Metal Gear Solid 1 PS4 Remake by Tom. It basically tells you everything you’d need to know in the title – this Tom person wants to make (or at least scam people on the idea of) a PS4 remake of the classic PlayStation game Metal Gear Solid.

There's a Metal Gear Solid 1 remake Kickstarter underway that hopes to bring the title to PS4.

Except, of course, this campaign is in no way certified by Konami or series creator Hideo Kojima. Instead it’s an incredibly blank page with no video and a humorous, super short description. As a joke, it’s not even that funny but hey, some folks have been painfully successful with joke campaigns before (see Potato Salad). With that said, there were multiple reasons for Potato Salad taking off as it did. One – it was an outrageously silly stunt which hadn’t been pulled before on Kickstarter. Secondly, it was something the team had full control and ownership of. Tom does not in any way have the rights to the Metal Gear Solid name.

There's a Metal Gear Solid 1 remake Kickstarter underway that hopes to bring the title to PS4.

So, here we are talking about a campaign that thankfully so far has raised no money. Even someone brand new to Kickstarter would recognize this as a fradulent campaign. Now to see how long it takes for it to be taken down.

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