Those obsessed with strategic war games may be a part of the crowd which remembers PC titles Chain of Command and Call of Combat. Back in 2002, Call of Combat was created by then student Florian Käding. Although it was never meant to be a marketable, consumer game it ended up luring in a community of devoted fans. Years later, Käding co-founded development studio KAVA, who are now hoping to raise funds for a remake of Call of Combat via Kickstarter. Here’s hoping their established fans, as well as newcomers, discover the project.


Of course, one of the biggest changes for the new version of Call of Combat is that it’s receiving a huge graphical update. That’s not to say the original was ugly, but there’s definitely no harm in making a game look nicer to appeal to a modern audience. In actual gameplay tweaks, there will be: larger battles, balanced gameplay, more maps, more weapons, and reduced lag. As the game’s focus is online multiplayer aspects such as leaderboards, regiments (clans), and a leveling system will also be implemented. The leveling system in particular will take into account how an entire team performs – not just one user. This is to ensure folks are team players.


There are a huge variety of stretch goals listed, but at the moment Call of Combat just needs to focus on its initial funding goal of €30,000 (about $34,000). You can check out a demo right now if you have a Windows or Mac computer.

Track the progress of the Call of Combat Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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