[dropcap size=big]W[/dropcap]elcome to the Cave of Destiny brave adventurer! I am the voice of the heroes! I will be your guide throughout your journey to becoming a great…wait what? You’re not an adventurer who is seeking fortune and glory? You’re looking for…a missing cow. But you’re in armor and carrying a sword aren’t you a knight? Oh you’re a knight in training. Well since your here do you want to hear a story about an alright knight? Great, well his name was Steve. He explored, adventured, and learned about betrayal, loss, and all that other emotional mumbo jumbo a disembodied voice like me lacks.

Steve The Alright Knight

Steve explored a lot of the world. He explored castles, deserts, plains, corn fields, caves, and probably a few windmills. Though all these locations may sound quite mundane, in his time these places crawled with orcs, slimes, dragons, kittens, and skeletons who would eat you alive in one bite if you gave them the chance! Yes the kittens will eat you in one bite too…they were kittens corrupted by evil, they look like regular kittens but you know evil. Anyway back to exploring. Steve explored all these beautiful terrains while walking in one single line, he was stubborn in that way. It was like he would scroll to the side to move or something. He explored these areas high and low too. He was quite an explorer in that way.

Steve The Alright Knight

Though Steve was alright he was a good alright, maybe the best at being alright. He was sensible, smart, and not one of those adventures who threw themselves at hordes like you throw stones at a pond, those adventures have the life expectancy of a cookie in a glass of milk. As I said Steve was smart in that he could solve ancient puzzles that tested the metal of all who looked upon them. He did fight too, when he had to. He fought the aforementioned monsters tooth and nail…as long as there was a decent chance of him surviving the fight that is. And after surviving all these fights he had loot that would rival the treasury of a king! You’d be surprised what orcs and skeletons carry into battle. You’d also be surprised what is hidden in caves and trunk around the areas Steve would explore. Chest full of gold and weapons just stuck in caves for any random person to find!

Steve The Alright Knight

Steve also learned a lot in his adventures. He learned that things are not always what they seem, he learned that betrayal can be an all too real truth, and that loss hurts worse than most blows from a sword. He really changed as a character and as a knight while he was exploring. If you went exploring you might end up like him too one day, the world could use another Steve. You know I know this great little quest to go kills some orcs and climes and it’s just right down the …oh you have to find those cows still. No I haven’t seen them in the cave. But after you find the cows do me a favor and check this out.

Steve The Alright Knight

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