MMOs can be great fun but at some point everyone must log off to take care of “real life” activities. Lea doesn’t have this choice. In CrossCode, protagonist Lea has found herself trapped within the fictional MMO called CrossWorlds. All she can do is go through the game solving puzzles, leveling up, grabbing new gear, and hoping to discover a way out of her predicament. Worst of all, she can’t even speak (beyond saying “Hi!”) which means most other players probably think she’s a bot.


Gameplay in CrossCode is a mesh between your typical action RPG elements and puzzle solving. Players must fight against the MMO’s enemies to upgrade themselves, but unlike traditional RPGs, battles look far more like something you’d see out of a shmup. This is thanks to Lea’s ball throwing attack which seems pretty bullet-like (particularly while burst firing). It also appears like enemies shoot bullets out in patterned formations. Beyond all that action players will be required to play through a great deal of environmental puzzles. Some examples of puzzling elements include using the ball to hit switches, bounce off angled walls, and the like.


Excited by Radical Fish Games’ upcoming title? It seems you’re not alone. The Steam Greenlight page was greenlit in only a week and the Indiegogo campaign is seeing a healthy initial backer count. If interested, you can help them along to their €80,000 goal (about $89,500) for a release on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Or you can head over to the website and give CrossCode’s demo a shot.

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Marcus Estrada


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