[dropcap size=big]H[/dropcap]ere at Cliqist, we want to expose our readers to everything crowdfunded gaming has to offer. Usually, we focus on video games. However, four out of the top 16 funded projects of all time (Kickstarter) are tabletop games. We want to give love to these projects, thus “Kicking Cardboard” was born. Each feature, we will be highlighting a game currently seeking funding. In our first entry we take a look at a game of dodgeball … with a magical twist.

WD 1

All the components laid out.

Editors Note: The Components shown throughout this article are prototypes and subject to change. 

So what is Wizard Dodgeball? 

Wizard Dodgeball is a turn-based, light tactical sports game for two players.

Setting up the game is simple. Each player begins by selecting 5 wizards at random. At the time of writing, there are 24 wizards to choose from, each with their own stats.  After that, players will then select spells they will use for the game. You can choose to play with all the available spells, or choose a group of specific ones based on your “magic” values. Finally, the wizards and balls are placed on the board in their starting positions and gameplay begins.

On your turn, each wizard can take two actions chosen from the following (the same action can be used twice in one turn):

• Move
• Throw a ball
• Cast a spell

An important note to make is that picking up or dropping a ball is a free action.

Dodgeball is just how you remembered it in eighth grade. Players will run up, grab a ball, and start chucking it around the court. As per rules of dodgeball, a player’s wizard must remain on their side of the court. If you hit an opponent wizard with a ball they are eliminated. If you catch a ball thrown by an opponent, they are eliminated and your team gets to return a wizard to the court.

Each Wizard has their own unique stats

Each Wizard has their own unique stats

How does attacking/dodging work?

Attacking and dodging in Wizard Dodgeball couldn’t be simpler. Both attacks and dodges use a simple six sided dice rolling system. When a wizard is throwing a ball, they roll between one and three six sided dice depending on their distance from the target. If you are throwing at a longer range, you’re going to be throwing fewer dice. Dodging works in a similar way. Target wizards roll two, six sided dice to dodge the ball. If the attacker beats the defender’s score, it’s a hit. If the defender beats the attackers score, it’s a miss. If the defender rolls doubles, regardless of value, he has caught the ball and the thrower is out.

The majority of the game is spent rolling / comparing dice

The majority of the game is spent rolling / comparing dice

Wait, so what makes this … Wizard dodgeball? 

Along with just throwing and dodging, wizard’s are allowed to cast spells during the game. Spells are cast in a similar manner as attacking/dodging. As before, the wizard who is casting the spell rolls their dice to determine its effectiveness. When a wizard resists a spell, they roll two dice as if they were defending. If a defender rolls doubles while trying to resist a spell, they bounce the spell back at the caster. So be careful!

Don’t worry about players abusing the spell system though. When a player casts a spell, they have to wait a full round (wait for the other four wizards to go) before they can cast it again. This helps balance throwing balls and casting spells. The specific stats that each wizard has also helps to balance the game. While some wizards might be really fast and good at dodging, others might be slower and better at casting spells.

There are a ton of spells available in the game. From turing your dodgeball into a fireball, to freezing your enemy in their place. I was a fan of “enlarging” my enemy and making them easier to hit. I also enjoyed casting “Butterfingers” on my opponent and making them drop their ball.

Wizard Dodgeball in action

Wizard Dodgeball in action


Wizard Dodgeball is a ton of fun. It’s a light game that can be played with players of all ages. The art (and names of the characters) are fun and whimsical. The game has a set of solid mechanics as well. There’s a good balance of using spells and attacking. It also behooves you to think about your positioning. While you might want to run up to the line and drill your opponent, if you miss … you’re in trouble. A good balance between strategy and luck, Wizard Dodgeball is a game anyone can get into.

Wizard Dodgeball is currently on Kickstarter. So far the campaign has raised $6,537 and the campaign ends on March 24th.

Wizard Dodgeball was previewed using a prototype copy provided by Mind the Gap Studios. 

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