As gamers, we likely all have one favorite game which no one seems to have heard of before. For me, one of these unique favorites is Sheep from 2000. It’s a strategy game about corralling sheep! As such, I couldn’t ignore CorgiFields when it launched on Kickstarter. Sure, the campaign page may not be the most professional out there but it gets the point across. In this game you play as a cute little corgi who must guide sheep safely to an end point across various stages.


Our intrepid Welsh corgi isn’t your everyday pup. Along the way it’ll be able to dig up treasures which can help (or hinder) its goal. Some of the better ones will get great groups of sheep flocking around for easy maneuverability. However, CorgiFields isn’t as calm and friendly as it first appears. There will be enemies! At the very least, there seems to be a wolf which will become quite an annoyance. The wolf is able to “pretend” to be a sheep (by literally wearing a sheep outfit) in order to sneak in and steal some away. Of course, as your goal is to keep all sheep safe, you must protect against wolf interference.


CorgiFields is currently seeking £18,000 (about $27,600) on Kickstarter which seems a bit steep for a cutesy upcoming PC release. The team is committed to creating their game whether or not this campaign succeeds at least. You can also head over to Steam Greenlight to give it a thumbs up.

Track the progress of the CorgiFields Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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