indiescrashe32Back in 2013 an awesome initiative called Indies Crash E3 brought a few lucky developers onto the E3 show floor. The developers were selected by the votes of the public and not only had their passes paid for but also got to do interviews and demonstrations with gaming press. This was an invaluable opportunity for the selected developers, especially when indie games can so easily fly under everyone’s radar. Indies Crash E3 is looking to come back to E3 2015 via a Kickstarter campaign. By funding its $4,000 goal, folks will be granting more opportunities to at least 5 indie teams.

If successful, fans will once again suggest their favorite teams and a lucky handful will be picked for an E3 trip. Although the number of teams seems small, the first stretch goal of $10,000 doubles the group to 10 as well as a booth for everyone, while later goals increase its scope further. It’s worth noting that indies are already making their presence known at E3 in other ways. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all offer some of their favorite indies a spot on the show floor to demonstrate their game. There is also an IndieCade section available, although it’s quite a cramped space.


My hope for Indies Crash E3 is for it to bring developers to the forefront who have yet to step under the spotlight. All indies deserve coverage, but with limited availability it’d be nice to see games and teams I’ve never heard of before finally getting the press recognition they deserve.

Track the progress of the Indies Crash E3 Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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