[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]here are games of all sorts out there, but how many have ever allowed you to be a paparazzi? It’s an ingenious concept that has rarely been utilized, which helps makes Paparazzi stand out immediately. This PC and Wii U release is best suited to two local players, where one takes on the role of a shutterbug while the other is a famous being. I say being because not all this game’s celebrities happen to be human. With this being the case, it’s obvious that nothing about this experience should be taken seriously. It’s all in good fun! Please note that this review is focused toward the PC release. The only differences (most likely) are in regards to how I describe the control setup.

So let’s dig right into the simplistic, but enjoyable experience that is Paparazzi. One player selects a celebrity to debut as and controls their pixelated avatar with a gamepad. The other player acts as a photographer and controls their camera’s viewfinder with a mouse. The two select a stage to travel through and play simultaneously. The goal of each celebrity is to avoid getting photos taken of them while they’re walking about and the goal of the photographer is, well, to take as many photos as humanly possible. After all, paparazzi pictures can be worth quite a pretty penny. Typical playthroughs have a constant tug of war, with one person always inching ahead of the other. It’s hectic – and good fun!

Parparazzi Review

Celebrities can dash, hide behind buildings and other objects, and utilize timed power ups which sometimes appear on stage. These allow them to become invisible, send out tons of duplicate, fake versions of themselves, and run super duper fast. Movement is of paramount importance to celeb players because they want to dodge as many photos as they can. The camera viewport is a pretty small rectangle, but a swift player can hammer off a lot of photos in just a few seconds. Both sides are vying for point control, which is shown via a bar across the top of the screen. Whoever has dominance by the time the limo arrives wins.

It’s an incredibly simple concept that is definitely fun for quick bursts with friends. Although you can play alone it doesn’t offer the same feeling of enjoyment. It’s also kind of annoying because most difficulty settings are outrageously challenging! One of the best aspects about Paparazzi is its silly pixel world. Although there are only seven stages each is full of personality. The zoo is my particular favorite with tons of animals moving about and looking adorable. More stages might seem important, but considering the typical play session (5-15 minutes) they’re not necessary.

Parparazzi Review

Prospective players need to come into Paparazzi expecting to play multiplayer as that’s where it shines. The wacky exterior is enjoyable regardless, but you’ll definitely have more fun playing against another human. It’s a very pure concept and maybe more could have been added, but the game is also only 5 bucks. Give this one a go when you and a buddy would rather play something quick over some long-winded, strategic multiplayer experience.

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