What is Therefore? Even after looking over the Indiegogo campaign page it isn’t immediately clear. The game seems spiritual, calming, and presented with a pixel aesthetic. Because it seems much is going to be left up to player interpretation, here’s the best that I can say about it. You play as The Wanderer, a man with no memories and a mental voice guiding him onward. The realm he inhabits is certainly not Earthly in nature, as it appears more like an island floating in the sky. Players must explore this surreal sandbox – and may even need to do so with more than one playthrough.


It appears puzzles and exploration are the key components of Therefore. Puzzles will primarily consist of music-based ones, but the music itself might also reveal secrets. Item crafting is mentioned but it’s hard to know what capacity it’ll be used in. Despite a lack of much gameplay information, it’s no doubt that this title looks absolutely lovely. The pixel art is incredibly detailed and presents a lush, otherworldly locale. A powerful visual presence is necessary if you’re going to ask players to explore a world multiple times, and it seems they’ve fulfilled that requirement.


With all that said, Therefore probably needs a bit more concrete explanation to draw in further backers. As of right now developer Trim Tangle isn’t getting their game to trend safely toward its $64,000 goal. Unlike many other campaigns hosted on Indiegogo this is not a flexible funding one. As such, the goal must be reached or no funds will pour into the developer’s hands.

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