Most of us grow up being taught to repress our emotions. Men, in particular, but everyone is prompted to not cry in public, not lash out in anger unless it’s 100% warranted, and basically keep ourselves “under control.” It’s certainly not the case that everyone can or does abide by these social concepts, but in Bloody Monday!! nobody can stop their emotions from being revealed. This Kickstarter game by Aftertype Games takes place in some alternate universe called Psychoreality. Here, whenever an emotion bubbles up it makes itself known publicly. Rage, sadness, stress, and everything else are then used as power for battles.


In fact, you’ll want your crew as stressed and angry as possible because that’s what gets them to create powerful manifestations in the weird realm. Battles themselves aren’t described so well on the campaign page (outside of hyperbolic excitement!) but… they appear to be like most other SRPGs with an isometric viewpoint. This makes sense given the developers have cited Disgaea among their multiple inspirations. One interesting distinction, aside from Bloody Monday!!’s thematic wackiness, is its intent to help folks with learning a new language. Basically, the game will be available in Japanese and English, with text presented in a variety of ways. If you’d like to get a feel for kanji, then turn on a mode which displays both English and Japanese characters at once.


As interesting as Bloody Monday!! is, it may be a steep climb toward the $80,000 funding goal. It’s also worth noting that there are existing properties, including a manga, by the name of Bloody Monday. Since a stretch goal here is to create a manga there may be legal hurdles during or post-campaign.

Track the progress of the Bloody Monday!! Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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