Visuals do not usually make or break a game, but they can certainly be helpful in making one stand out. That’s definitely the case with Upside-Down Dimensions, a campaign that recently landed on Kickstarter. Headed by Hydra Interactive Entertainment, this title focuses on two distinct types of gameplay. The first is hack ‘n slash action with our samurai hero. The other mechanic is that of block puzzles and the like, which are far less action-oriented, but still integral to the game’s overall experience. Of course, it also has an amazing papercraft look which easily draws attention to it.


In keeping with the “tangible” visual appeal, the world itself has a flat aspect to it. One dimension lies on the top of a plane, while flipping the plane over on its other side reveals the other one. When solving puzzles on one realm the other may benefit – or suffer unforeseen consequences. Both protagonists must push their stories forward to see Upside-Down Dimensions through to its conclusion. Stealth is even required in parts, so don’t expect to always be able to charge right out, katana at the ready.


Upside-Down Dimensions originally hit Steam Greenlight in early 2014 and saw success shortly after. What happened next is a bit unclear to me as the Greenlight page suggests the game actually launched on Steam proper . If so, it has since been removed, but I have no proof or memory of it launching. In any case, Upside-Down Dimensions needs $75,000 via Kickstarter to finally launch on Windows PCs.

Track the progress of the Upside-Down Dimensions Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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