Kickstarter is the premiere crowdfunding website in the United States and after hosting thousands of campaigns, people would really love to dig into project data. Although Kickstarter offers up a fair bit of data to every site visitor there’s only so much one person can gleam by searching the site themselves. That’s why websites such as Kickspy and Kicktraq have been immensely useful for data-obsessed folks such as those of us at Cliqist! In the past we have most certainly used data gathered via Kickspy to help with our own articles, as well as keeping up to date with successful and failed video game campaigns.


Unforunately, Kickspy has announced it will be shutting down on March 31, 2015. The post mentions a possible closure factor with its introduction stating: “Kickspy was contacted by Kickstarter and unfortunately it seems Kickstarter isn’t a fan of sites like Kickspy.” However, in the end it appears that other factors were driving Kickspy to close, and this reaction by Kickstarter may have just been the final straw. Whatever the reasons may be, it will be sad to see such an incredibly useful resource disappear in just a few weeks.


So, where can user of Kickspy go once the site closes up shop? There are a variety of options out there which offer their own take on collecting huge sums of crowdfunding data and outputting easy-to-read charts. The most popular alternative at the moment is Kicktraq, but you might also want to investigate Crowdlogs or Sidekick.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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