Most of the time, the progress of a crowdfunded PC game is as follows: It launches a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign, runs a simultaneous Steam Greenlight launch, and then hopes to see the success of one feed into the other. Ralin – Dwarf Wars didn’t take that path. They actually saw their Greenlight campaign greenlit back in January and have just launched on Kickstarter. The order probably doesn’t matter, just as long as you build up a fanbase. This game has the potential to do so because developer Ogardonix shared alpha builds with Steam users and happily listened to player feedback.


Now on Kickstarter, they’ve propositioned Ralin – Dwarf Wars as a roguelike hack ‘n slash RPG which is driven by the community. Players control a strong (and heavily-bearded) dwarf fighting against hordes of goblins. He can do so via hammers, axes, and other melee weapons. Right now the game is about 10% complete and there’s a whole host of planned features. These include modes such as multiplayer (both local and online), procedural maps, hardcore mod, and some fancy graphics. If all goes well, the developer intends to bring a build to Steam Early Access very shortly after crowdfunding success.


Ogardonix could have done better in regards to explaining actual gameplay mechanics on their page, especially considering a playable build is out there already! Well, if you’re curious as to how Ralin – Dwarf Wars plays then simply download the playable alpha release. The game is looking toward a £45,000 (about $66,300) goal. You’ll be able to play via Windows or Mac computers as well as Wii U.

Track the progress of the Ralin – Dwarf Wars Kickstarted in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada