[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]t’s been in planning for a bit, and Blue Box Game Studios is finally ready to crowdfund their upcoming cinematic horror title Rewind. Upon discovery of this project, the cinematic style of this paranormal investigation game catches the eye, and promises an engaging ghost-chasing experience. Rewind. is centered around Jim Walker, a paranormal investigator looking into the untimely death of his wife and child, who perished in a car accident eight years prior to the game. Dealing with the loss of his family, and the struggle that comes with such grief, Jim believes the answer is contacting his wife on the other side. Using an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), he communicates with his lost wife, hoping to find some closure. This only proves to complicate the wound, widening that void in his heart that his wife once held. The eight years leading up to the events in the game are filled with anxiety, torture, and a disconnect with reality. Not only is Jim dealing with losing those he loved, but he experiences an increase in hauntings and encounters with the paranormal. In response to this, his co-worker and close friend, Jessica Thompson, joins him in a journey to discover what caused the increase in paranormal activity in his life. Their answer? A haunted mansion nested in High Hills Village. From here, the stage is set for a terrifying foray into the world beyond, an invisible plane of warped reality, peril, and confusion.


Rewind is set up to provide a seriously involving experience. Not only does paranormal investigation spark a curiosity in us like no other, but the experience is made sweeter thanks to the Unreal Engine 4, and Oculus Rift support. Blue Box is hoping to give players the complete package, with an array of features sure to draw in those who long for an unsettling adventure in the cold, lonely dark. Rewind will present a dynamic story, shaped by the decisions and actions of the player, altering the course of the game. This will give players a chance to see new places and experiences with each playthrough. An adaptable difficulty system is available, which can ail or aid players depending on their play style, which is monitored by the game itself. Adding to the main story mission, Blue Box has included upwards of thirty side stories to engage in, which heavily supports the dynamic storyline and replay value. On that note, alternate endings have been planned, which of course will be a result of making game-altering choices through the experience. Puzzle-solving adds an extra dimension to Rewind, and fans of Fatal Frame or Frictional Game’s Amnesia franchise will feel right at home with the flight-not-fight system, avoiding combat as much as possible. Though the Camera Obscura is available in Fatal Frame to capture the souls of the dead to dissipate them, there is nothing like that in Rewind, so running and hiding are the only options!


Rewind aims to provide a unique paranormal experience, which will probably serve as a response to the unspoken desire for a title like this since VR has been made a possibility in the video game industry. Through engaging and in-depth cinematic experiences, and thrilling edge-of-your-seat gameplay, Blue Box Game Studios has laid the proper ground work to produce a worthy paranormal investigation title. A few trailers like this one show a frantic Jim listening to an EVP of a woman speaking to him from beyond the grave, which gives an early look at the pacing of game, though it’s in-editor prototype footage. Blue Box set a reasonable goal of $10,820.50 for their Kickstarter Campaign. An odd number but they’ve done the math for what they need to start! The funding will fuel motion capture, seamless level streaming to reduce loading screens, and purchase 3rd party technology that will improve game features like Oculus Rift support, animation, etc. Backers will receive rewards such as getting their name in the credits, access to DLC’s, download for the soundtrack, and more. Stretch goals include improved AI, visuals, audio, Project Morpheus support, improved mocap, and acting talent. A Steam Greenlight campaign is planned for a possible April or May launch.


If you’d like to learn more about Rewind be sure to head over to the Kickstarter campaign before it ends on April 16th.  Once there you can download a ‘playable trailer’ to help get you in the mood.

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