[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]urofinity and Dreamatrix are getting into the final stretch on funding their upcoming Hack n’ Slash RPG, Wave of Darkness. With roughly two weeks to go and less than half their goal amount remaining, the developer is looking to find the last of their backers to make this magical world come alive. After releasing Legends of Dawn, the predecessor to Wave of Darkness, Dreamatrix found moderate success with their original fantasy world, and have put forth their passion in fortifying the game world with a multitude of features to keep the player busy, aside from hacking down legions of foes.

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A quick synopsis on Wave of Darkness: The world of Narr is plagued with rumors of war. Not exactly what the doctor ordered, especially after peace seemed within reach with the destruction of the demon Kordelis in Legends of Dawn. Legendary creatures rise from the swamps, and not the celebrated kind. These harbingers of the end have risen to bring chaos and evil to Narr. In response, the Council of Sidis Tarea reached out to their neighboring kingdoms for help. Heroes are needed to converge upon this evil, and the Council desperately calls for help over and over, until eventually the cries for help were heard no longer. This is where the player enters into a doomed land soon to be ridden with war and turbulence.


Dreamatrix deduced that a world such as this can only be completed with a bountiful set of features, from character development to spell crafting. Starting with the game world itself, the environments are developed with smooth streaming in mind, removing loading screens between areas. This seamless continent is riddled with dungeons, forts, and other landmarks for the player to explore. A hefty bestiary keeps the diversity alive, with over 150 types of creatures and monsters that await the player, which may behave differently depending on the time of day.


On character development, the player may choose from binary gender options of the Human, Elf, or Danian races. Abilities are kept track on scores based on Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Intelligence, Charisma, and seven resistances. Class restrictions are placed on items, so combining classes such as Mage and Knight allow the player to use weapons and skills that either class might have not been able to on their own. With over 25,000 usable items, the player will have plenty on their plate aside from leveling and skill managing.


In combat, enemy body parts can be targeted and hindered in order to gain advantage on the battlefield. Spell creation allows players to customize the effects of spells, and give them distinct names for added recognition. The worship of a certain god by visiting their shrine will gain the player the favor of said divine, which may be a lifesaver when the chips are down.


All in all, Wave of Darkness looks to offer a diverse culture, supported by a rich game world, tons of items, plenty of combat, and a wealth of lore to be discovered. Players will be able to hack and cast their way to new heights, upgrade their heroine or hero, get involved in spell crafting, and enjoy a multi-dimensional inventory system. With a short while left to hit their goal, it’s still attainable, and we may see Wave of Darkness materialize in virtual reality. Backers can enjoy digital downloads for Dreamatrix’s Spaceforce games, MP3’s of game music, game maps, and art books.  For additional info be sure to check out the Wave of Darkness Kickstarter campaign.

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