WarRab: Veteran was an indie RPG written, coded, and designed by one young man: an 18-year-old by the name of Chadrick Evans. I wrote about Mr. Evans back in February, hailing him as an unsung indie crowdfunding hero for his humble request of help and his obvious dedication to his work. I played his demo and enjoyed it. I saw some flaws of course–this was, after all, an amateur’s work. But I saw promise. I saw real potential. After all, how many 18-year-olds do you know that have achieved something as difficult as create a full length game?

Well on March 10th, Chadrick succeeded in reaching his modest campaign goal of $200, and not just that, but doubling it. With those funds, the young indie dev renewed the domain for his website, set aside money for advertising his game, and also covered the Steam submission fee for Greenlight. All seemed well.


Then this past Sunday, March 29th, Chadrick Evans released this update explaining that his game would not pass the Greenlight process due to too many negative votes. As most of you know, Steam Greenlight is a democratic process in which indie developers may pitch their game and allow the community to vote on whether they would buy it. The response for WarRab was resounding. A blow to Chadrick, to be sure, but the end? That I seriously doubt. While this stumbling block may delay Mr. Evans from achieving his ultimate goal, one thing he did manage was to gain supporters for his work. Spirited supporters, I dare say. Chadrick himself has promised this is not the end, stating, “On the bright side I will still be releasing games.”

We certainly hope so, Chadrick.

If you’d like to buy WarRab: Veteran, you can purchase the full game here!

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