Disclosure notice: Previous Cliqist staff member Paul Drankiewicz is involved with this campaign.

Back in 2012, Forever Interactive came to Kickstarter with a cool collectible card game (CCG) meets MMO concept in the form of Visions of Zosimos: Chaos Omen. Despite the fact that there are tons of fans in both these camps, the campaign was only able to make a little over $4,000 – nothing close to its $30,000 goal. The team kept at it and continued polishing their game until now. They’ve finally launched a new crowdfunding campaign for Visions of Zosimos which provides a clearer image of the project as well as a great deal of video footage.


Basically, it’s an online-based CCG where players compete against one another. Combat takes place on a hex grid much like tabletop games and features turn-based battles. Thanks to the digital format, characters from cards are rendered as moving, and sometimes fearsome, 3D models. Characters themselves are based off the lore of the ancient book “Visions of Zosimos” which first brought about the concept of homunculus as well as ancient Gods. Visions of Zosimos will be a free-to-play title, but Forever Interactive are staunchly opposed to any “pay-to-win” elements.


The higher the reward tiers go the more potential booster packs/decks you’ll be rewarded with.  This time Visions of Zosimos requires only $4,000 for a successful campaign. Considering they reached that goal before it’s a pretty safe bet Forever Interactive will be able to reach it again this time. So far, the game is pegged exclusively for a launch on PC.

Track the progress of the Visions of Zosimos Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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