Basically all of us fear something. As children, we were also often filled with even more fears about things like monsters lurking in the dark. What if there were a game based around the concept of childhood fears? Hush is that game and it’s currently on Kickstarter. Presented as a mashup of hack and slash with puzzler elements, Hush tells the story of Ashlyn. As a young girl, she has many fears, but must overcome them – with the help of players. With such a cool concept it’s surprising that more games haven’t attempted to take on this concept before.


In Hush players will fight against enemies using one of Ashlyn’s toys. Each confers its own abilities and may be long or short range. Enemies themselves appear to represent different fears such as fear of the dark, thunder, and ghosts. Aside from beating up everything in her path there will also be a variety of puzzles to work through. Throughout each stage your explorations might even lead you to some secret areas. The entire game has a cel shaded-esque look, but it’s very dark overall. Basically, even with cartoony character and monster design you still won’t mistake this for a more happy-go-lucky adventure.


Developer Game Studio 78 is asking for approximately $146,795 on Kickstarter for Hush to succeed. This is a pretty hefty goal, although their team appears large enough to require it. Here’s hoping their social media campaign picks up very soon to help facilitate reaching that goal. If successful, Hush will come to PC, PS4, Wii U, and Xbox One.

Track the progress of the Hush Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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