It was thanks to masterful companies like Lucasarts and Sierra that I fell for the point and click adventure genre during its heyday. Infamous Quests, developer of the Kickstarted adventure game Quest for Infamy, really channeled those influences and created a surprisingly authentic-feeling new title. They’ve now returned to Kickstarter with the promise of two new games instead of just one! The first is a prequel to Quest for Infamy called Roehm to Ruin. The other is a brand new series titled Order of the Thorne.


Order of the Thorne: The King’s Challenge is the very first portion of this anthology series which will provide different stories taking place in the same setting. It seems that only the inaugural chapter is being paid for via Kickstarter, but chances are if they need to return for future funding it won’t prove much of a challenge. As for Quest for Infamy: Roehm to Ruin, it focuses on protagonist Roehm to explain what caused him to flee the castle and begin his journey in the main game. Infamous Quests have already provided a demo if you’d like to give the prequel a shot. Unfortunately you won’t be able to sample Order of the Thorne just yet.


This two game Kickstarter requires the unique sum of $11,225 to succeed. Right out of the gate they’re already well over halfway funded which bodes quite well for them. Physical stretch goals may be added, but as for now, every reward is exclusively digital. We’ll keep you boxed collectors posted if Infamous Quests does add tangible goodies.

Track the progress of the Order of the Thorne and Roehm To Ruin Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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