Brave at Night Studios has announced a playable alpha for their Monarchy simulator Yes, Your Grace is coming soon, after a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. The game that puts players on the throne has been under construction with a fully functional action events system and new character sprites. As of this update, about fifty action events have been implemented but not fully constructed. During the gameplay, the player will encounter situations that arise due to a decision that they made. If the ruler employs a rise in the tax rate for a town, rest assured you will be paid a visit from a representative of the town who is curious to know the reason behind such a heinous act. Situations like this are similar to the Genghis Khan games back on the 8 and 16bit Nintendo consoles, where players ruled a country and regulated everything in the game such as trade, battle, and diplomacy. Yes, Your Grace builds upon this framework adding more visual dimension to the largely text-based operation of gameplay.

yes your grace sprites

In addition to the development, Brave at Night has begun shipping their backer rewards, and asking backers to post photos of them with their rewards to the Yes, Your Grace Facebook page. One of the rewards provided were wooden throne design replicas crafted as small emblems for backers, which have been shipped out. The team has also posted a Humble Widget on their page where the game can be pre-ordered for $13.99. Players can also enjoy the wonderfully-composed soundtrack any time by upping their pre-order to the $19.00 version that includes the game and the soundtrack download as well. With the development moving right along, Yes, Your Grace has also been Greenlit on Steam, so we should be graced with a Steam release after the game is complete.

yes your grace reward

To stay up to speed with Yes, Your Grace, the Twitter and Facebook pages will provide updates on the development and soon, the release of the alpha demo!

Zack Keosaian
Zack Keosaian is an indie developer and publicist, working with developers to market their games while developing his own. When he’s not writing or working, he’s a Roller Derby Referee for the Hellgate Rollergirls in Missoula, Montana, and sometimes wears his skates in the house. He loves beta testing and helping out his fellow developers but his favorite titles like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Skyrim, Mass Effect, and Tekken Tag Tournament keep him company while his girlfriend is immersed in Dragon Age.
Zack Keosaian