One theme in sci-fi media that never seems to get old is the concept of shrinking down a cast of heroes super small so they can explore the human body. In Inside Pete, you and your crew are shrunk down to minuscule size to fit into a pill. Once taken by Pete, you are able to explore his insides in hopes of curing his many maladies. It sounds easy enough, but you’ll quickly discover that all the stuff going on within Pete is very violent, and far smarter than might be expected of cells.


Gameplay itself takes on an action strategy style where the good guys fight against the bad guys from an isometric perspective. Your crew has the capacity to receive upgrades such as shields and healing powers. Power-ups will also play a part in effective strategies. Of course, what would a game inside the human body be without wonderfully themed levels? You’ll be able to duke it out in stages such as the colon, lungs, and even the brain. All art is cartoony and completely irreverent. For example, why is there a tiny saloon with mechanical spider legs hanging out in Pete? Who knows!


With so many strategy games focused on being serious and realistic, it’s fun to see Inside Pete buck that trend. Developer Sector 32 is asking for $7,500 in funding to complete their game for Android and iOS. If they can reach the first stretch goal of $11,000 then Inside Pete will also be ported to Windows and Mac.

Track the progress of the Inside Pete Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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