You know, although the survival genre has grown immensely in the past few years, there’s still a lot of room for creativity within it. I can’t say I love every new release, but seeing what unique spins people put on the formula is very cool indeed. Case in point, there’s this game by developer Neostream that just launched on Kickstarter. It’s called Little Devil Inside and, despite having a very brief text pitch, has already received a good deal of attention.


It’s all thanks to the video which showcases an action RPG with survival elements and an attractive low-poly landscape. At least, that’s what the game appears to be. The video showcases sequences with our protagonist shooting at enemies from atop vehicles, as well as slicing off monster heads. On the other hand, it shows scenes where the character seeks shelter in a dangerous snowstorm. There’s also something about your college professor who is joining you on these journeys for some co-op action. Utilizing music from Vivaldi is a definite stroke of genius as it creates a much more impressive aura around Little Devil Inside.


But what exactly is the game? What is the basic storyline and what will players expect upon launch? Unfortunately, the actual specifics are sparse. The majority of my interpretation is from the funding video itself, but I really wish there was more description to read on the campaign page. Little Devil Inside needs approximately $192,250 for PC release, which might be a bit tough without more info. There’s also a Steam Greenlight page if you’d like to upvote.

Track the progress of the Little Devil Inside Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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